How a Computer Virus Attacks and What Damage it can Cause?

Once a computer virus has infected your system, it can rapidly spread through other programs and begin affecting your computer’s operating system and your valuable data. A computer virus is designed to self-replicate, self-install, and attack the root functions of various programs without authorization or the user’s knowledge. Viruses commonly infect executable programs or those programs where files are used to start up and launch other computer programs. Since these are executed upon each startup session, the virus can spread quickly and grow in size over a very short period of time.

There are thousands of viruses and parasites that are spreading across computers today, and although some can be prevented, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manually remove them. Antivirus software programs can help to prevent unauthorized downloading and computer virus attacks; these programs are designed to detect and remove any harmful applications at their first attempt to get into the system, or as soon as they start running on your computer. This is why it is more important than ever that Antivirus Software is installed and that is up to date with its version and signatures.

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